Hair Treatment

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La Bourse Hair Serum & Crystal Hair Serum With Sunscreen & Vitamin E

৳ 595.00

To create a soft and beautiful hair condition enriched with Sunscreen & Vitamin E, Sunscreen protection to provide sufficient nutrition for your hair. It forms a microfilm around each strand of hair, preventing split ends and restoring the hair to a soft condition without causing any irritation. The sunscreen agent protects your hair from damages caused by the sun rays.

With additional Sunscreen & Vitamin E gives an extra shine for your hair. Immediately softer, visibly smooth at the first application and remains in the hair without stickiness and oiliness. Bringing your hair a naturally beautiful and healthy look.

La Bourse Paris Essential Tonic Shampoo With Horse Tail Extract, Ginseng Extract & D-Panthenol

৳ 1,640.00

With Horse Tail Extract, Ginseng Extract & D-Panthenol HAIR REVIVAL & STRENGTHENING Shampoo for producing the new strong hair and long hair acceleration.

With the value of Horsetail Herb, Ginseng, D-Panthenol and Vitamins that help nourish the hair roots and the scalp including producing the new hair. Reduce hair loss, accelerate hair growth, strengthen the hair and be healthy.


৳ 1,550.00

Detox shampoo to clean up the chemicals on the hair, restore, nourish and strengthen the hair With the value of Garlic Herb, helps detergent the residue on the hair and stimulate the blood circulation under the scalp. Strengthen the hair roots. The hair is recovered to be soft and flow, weighted hair, healthy look and restore your confidence again.